What your Hair tells about your health?


Maintain those bouncy and shiny tresses are most important for an individual and they can got o any extent to keep them well groomed and look their best every time they step out of their homes. The chemical dyes, color, straighten look, woman are often paranoid in keeping their hair set and look amazing, however they forget to understand that every time the hair looks dull and one applies a big dollop of hair serum , the hair follicles are not breathing and they need attention.

As face is the mirror of your personality, hair gives great insight into your health and overall well-being. It is important to understand those signals, which your hair is giving by reflecting the overall health condition; of hair loss, greying, and dull hair are only signs of underlying health issues, which seek immediate attention. Lumps of hair in the pillow, lots of hair loss suddenly are conditions that should to be addressed and could be an underlying medical condition.

Let us understand few important points about what hair health means,

The Thyroid glands are the butterfly shaped endocrine glands, which is found in the front of the neck, and are great indicators of various health issues, especially in woman, if the thyroid is not working properly, there comes in the host of signs in the body like hormonal imbalance, over production of the hormones, which directly result in hair loss.

A possible infection is often triggered with the hair loss, sometimes-unhealthy personal hygiene even if one has the trait in using the razor without sterilizing. Using others comb could possibly lead to ring worm infection which has to be treated before it has other side effects, chlorine in the water  are one of the factors which leads to infections. Childbirth has lot of effects on the woman’s body, everything seems to go out of shape and hair loss is evident.

Your body is your temple anything that does not suit your lifestyle and eating habits has to be stopped. Alcohol often triggers the excitement of certain hormones and reduces the supply of blood to the organs, frequent intake might reduce the blood flow to the important parts like your hair, causing a spate of hair fall that might be more drastic unless you pay attention and recoup your health. Increase the iron rich food in your diet, as often women are susceptible to anemia, shortage of hemoglobin in the body that may also be the cause of hair fall that you were unable to detect for long, taking blood test will surely help to understand any inner health issues that effects your hair growth for a long time.

The harmful UV rays are also responsible to affect your health in many ways, especially if you have hair fall due to over exposure to sun. People who are exposed to heat and sun rays have a lasting impact in their body, skin burns, hair fall and other health issues that needs to be addressed. Sunshine is important, however over exposure may damage the hair cuticles permanently and the dust and pollution poses to be more of a hindrance. Keep an eye on your dental health, often hair loss and bleeding gums are inter related, poor dental hygiene can be a reason behind your lifeless dull hair, pay more attention to tooth decay, flossing and frequent mouth wash will help to curb dental as well as maintain your long beautiful hair locks.

Often we tend to keep pulling the hair while lost in some thoughts, beware, as there could be a mental condition you may have to deal with. Mental health is also linked with your beautiful hair locks, high level of emotional turbulence, compulsive disorder, depression are linked with reduced hair growth and anxiety that leads to premature grey’s and indicates unstable mental health, consult a doctor for best advice to deal with toxic situation and get back your mental peace.

Keep track of the food you consume, switching your routine food habits can promote or even work reverse for your hair regime, as the holiday season arrives, the intake of sweets and sugar candies increase, so does the sumptuous oil rich fires and other savories that you have been avoiding to keep your skin and hair in shape. Be watchful of what you eat, your inner voice has to beckon you once you indulge in all the junk and oily food. Switch your diet to include all the essential proteins and minerals, once you see there is sudden hair fall, add on the fruits and vegetables to improve your hair volume before you head for any chemical change to those lovely tresses.

See a spark of grey strands and we are done for the day, the most frustrating thing that no one wants to deal with is grey hair popping out from nowhere, you may be following all the diet and exercise plan, but blame on your genetics that you have premature grey hair at an early age. Today there are many ways to cover up and not look cakey for any occasion, professional help is better, before coloring your hair. Hiding those moments of sweat before any big party you had already planned to attend can be dealt with checking your hair strength and volume.

Keep the positive attitude high and ignoring toxic people are the best way for having a lighter mind and health. Stressing about unwanted and immaterial things leads to trigger hormones that stop hair growth and increase hair fall in the body. Meditation, aerobics, yoga or a good run improves the inner well-being and making peace with any turbulent past is the best way to keep your health in better condition. Walking alone in a park and introspecting about how and what we need deep inside our soul is the ultimate way to boost the health. Professionals are always there at your reach, keeping the inside mind calm is important. Staying happy increases the metabolism of the body and keeps your hair health in check and improve your overall appearance.

What your Hair tells about your health?
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